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  • Safeguarding Adults -  It remains a dreadful fact that abuse of vulnerable adults happens within our society. Staff working within Health and Social Care settings require training to ensure that they fully understand how to protect those in their care. Our course covers legal framework, abuse defined, the types of abuse and reporting abuse.

    Course Duration -  1/2 Day

  • People Moving People -  Our course offers the knowledge and skills to enable staff to undertake manual handling operations that cannot be avoided where a risk of injury exists. Learners will learn how to assess the need and how to apply the correct techniques to undertake manual handling activities safely. The course covers; laws surrounding manual handling operations, biomechanics surrounding manual handling, anatomy and injury causation and correct moving and handling techniques.

    Course Duration -  1 Day Induction or 1/2 Refresh

  • Tissue Viability -  Our course offers basic information and training on skin care. The course is designed to look at; what skin is and the general skin principles, the causes, development and prevention of skin ulcers, how to outline nutritional status and the emollients, barriers, lotions, creams and ointments.

    Course Duration -  1/2 Day

  • Dementia Awareness -  This course covers; what dementia is and what it is not, the signs of dementia, types of dementia and the signs and symptoms of each form, person centered approach and preferred priorities of care, communication barriers and tips, behaviors behind dementia, nutrition and wellbeing and how individuals' senses can be used to encourage nutrition and their wellbeing.

    Course Duration -  1/2 Day

  • Medication -  This course offers an introduction to Medication, and is aimed at care staff that could be called upon to administer or assist the administration of Medications. The course is not formally assessed and newly attending delegates will therefore normally require supervision in their workplace until deemed competent. This course covers: Legislation, Policies and Procedures, Prescriptions, Types, Validity and Abbreviations.

    Course Duration -  1/2 Day

  • Infection Control -  This course is designed to raise infection control awareness to enable care workers to safely undertake care duties to prevent the spread of infection through-out. The course will cover; legislation, regulations and guidance, identify the cause of infection, know how transmission occurs, understand the standard universal infection control precautions, hygiene and hand care.

    Course duration -  1/2 Day

  • Emergency First Aid at Work -  This comprehensive 1 day training course is for people who are required to act as an Emergency First Aider at Work. This course is designed to equip students with skills to take charge and deal with an emergency effectively, with the emphasis on preventing situations from becoming worse and maintaining life until help arrives.

    Course Duration -  1 Day

  • Mental Capacity Act 2005 -  This course provides learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of the Mental Capacity Act. The aims of the course are: To ensure an understanding of the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 framework. Brief over view of the course Objectives: Understand why the Mental Capacity Act was introduced, Capacity definition, Recognise the 5 key principles of the Act and the two stage test for capacity, Know how to manage decision making and how to gain valid consent from patients, DoLs (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards), Understand the CQC requirements.

    Course Duration -  1/2 Day

  • Full Induction Package -  For full induction training, getting you started in health and social care please contact us!

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